Is Intention Really Greater Than Potential?

I believe…

Intention is greater than potential. In the sense that when we specifically place intention behind our actions, the effectiveness of our efforts produce far greater results.  When we combine intention and potential, our influence is exponentially increased.

Are you someone with potential that would like to discover how to reach your true inner potential so you can start achieving the levels of success you know your capable of?

The power of Intention allows your effectiveness to be increased proportionately by the same amount of intent put forward.

A lot of times we may think we’re using intention when completing tasks. What we’re really using is our potential. Potential is great, but you can accomplish ten times more when applying intention correctly.

Applying this principle is really simple when you know how. But before I tell you how to apply it, I need to be perfectly straight with you.

Before I started applying intention correctly, I kept wondering why is it that some people achieve all the success in the world, while other people struggle to accomplish the same things? I concluded it’s because most don’t understand how to maximize their true potential by applying intention correctly.

Soon enough I discovered the power of my intention one evening while relaxing at home. I thought to call someone and made it my intention to do so after I finished eating dinner. Before I could take my last bite, the person who I had intentions to call contacted me first. I was so surprised by this phenomena as it begin to happen more and more frequently. Every time I had the intention to call someone in the near future, they would call me first.

Things got even more interesting when the same thing happened to friends and family I would call. They would tell me how they had thought of me recently, and had intentions of calling me, but just hadn’t got around to it yet.

At first I didn’t fully understand it, but I’m a pretty open minded person, so I started experimenting with applying my intention purposefully. What made the major difference in my results was understanding how to purposefully use intention at the drop of a hat.
(Kinda like my mojo, I wanted to be able to turn it on at a moments notice)

After experimenting with intention in numerous trials, I concluded, in order to successfully use intention you have to get to the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is knowing exactly what you want the outcome to be and placing intention on doing it.

You have to focus your intention on a specific goal and have full awareness of your intention to complete it. By focusing your intention on a specific goal, you’re able to achieve success easily by maximizing your potential. Intention is so powerful sometimes that you don’t even have to take any action at all.

As you noticed before I only had the intention to call my friends, and that by itself was enough for them to call me first, without me even looking at a phone. That’s powerful mojo!  That basically means with enough intention, I don’t have to really do much at all. Its like the old saying goes, “its the thought that counts”. So simple, yet so powerful.

When we compare two professional sprinters with equal abilities competing against one another, what will determine if the end result is a win, lose, or draw? Some people would say, the athlete who wants it the most, with the most drive, will win.  Some might say, it’s the athlete with the best attitude.  While others would claim it’s a 50/50 chance every time, like flipping a coin.

Most likely the sprinter with the best chance of winning is the one who specifically focuses intention on ‘crossing the goal line first’. Recognize the emphasis there of intention on ‘crossing the goal line first’ and not just winning the race.

The athlete who simply thinks of winning the race most likely will not win. Some may argue that crossing the goal line first is no different from winning, but what they fail to realize is subtle differences like that make a huge impact on the final result.

So it’s important to be specific where and how we focus our intention. In this case, the athlete focusing intent on crossing the goal line first is the determining factor. The athlete who just thinks about winning will have a far less chance of success.

Most people are taught from an early age to just go out there and do their best. They’re told by their role models and peers growing up that all you have to do is give it your “best shot” and everything else will work itself out. Well that sounds good and all, but when it comes to maximizing potential, it’s vitally important to purposefully apply intention to have the best chance of success.

As we continue to learn how to maximize our potential by correctly using intention, it will become easier and easier to reach new levels of personal and business success.

Just remember to be specific and place intention on the goal you’re trying to accomplish. It’ll make a world of difference for you.

Jerlmichael Sykes
Sunsphera Network
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